Landscape Lighting

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Enjoy your home at night as well as day with landscape lighting! What an excellent way to add visual interest to your home or business. LightTheNight can design and install a high quality outdoor lighting system that will:

  • Enhance curb appeal 
  • Add property value
  • Provide beautiful visual effects
  • Increase visibility, safety and security

Any area of your home – deck, patio, pool, trees, or gardens can be instantly transformed into an area of beauty, light and warmth. As an added benefit, landscape lighting also improves safety and security.

LightTheNight installs only the best outdoor lighting systems from Nightscaping®. For more than 35 years, Nightscaping® has manufactured the highest quality 12-volt outdoor lighting systems with the best options in the industry.

We install complete lighting systems from transformers to automatic controllers and motion sensors to fixtures. Our power supply transformers reduce the household power supply to a safe, 12-volt current. Our energy efficient 12-volt systems also mean lower operation costs over the life your lighting system.

Call us today at 316-636-2461, with your landscape lighting plans and for a free quote.