Architectural Lighting

LightTheNight distributes the highest quality commercial and residential lighting.


  • RB® Series RibbonLite®: 1 to 18 Watt Linear Strip Lighting
  • RBX Series RibbonFlex®: Super Flexible RibbonLite
  • PT® Series PoinTrak®: Extruded Aluminum Strip Lighting
  • TL® Series TubeLite: Low-Voltage Light Tubing
  • RL® Series Aisle & StepLite: Fractional Watt, Replaceable Lamp Strip, Aisle & Step Lighting
  • ATL® Series TubeLite: Low-Voltage Aisle Lighting Systems
  • CHL® Series TubeLite: Low-Voltage TubeLite Chandeliers & Sconces

All LightWorks® Products are UL Listed

LightWorks can create various extruded aluminum and plastic moldings used to adapt its products to varying applications. Also, we install a full line of Class 1 and Class 2, magnetic and electronic UL listed transformers.

LightWorks has a custom manufacturing capability to produce any lighting fixture regardless of materials, size, customized nature or light source. We can work in all disciplines, including extruded, spun, cast, or fabricated metal, plastics and glass.